Saturday, December 31, 2005


Imagine this
You are the air she breaths
Pulls you in 'cause she needs you
Then expels you to have relieve
So she could live

You are the air surrounding her
Brushing against her naked skin endlessly
When ever she moves her body around
But it would mean to follow her always
And you to adapt constantly

If you are this "air"
What would another day mean?
Today, tomorrow, the day after
And so on?

Well, I don't know you yet
But for me it would simply mean
Another day being with her
Where ever she may be


by Airini Sirait

Jika hari ini aku menyatakan:
aku cinta padamu,
aku tidak akan pernah menyesal
walau cinta ini akan terbang bersama sang waktu

Jika hari ini aku menyatakan:
aku merindumu
hingga denyut nadiku bergetar tiada henti,
aku tidak akan menangis
karena menahan sakit tak terperi.

Jika hari ini aku menyatakan:
Kau yang terindah dalam kelam hidupku,
aku tidak akan bersedih
walau tiada secercah sinar sedikitpun dari matamu.

Jika hari ini aku menyatakan:
Kau adalah Pangeran dalam tiap selaput kalbuku,
aku tidak akan hancur
walau aku bukanlah dewi mimpimu.

Aku akan menginginkanmu

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Come to me, angel
to the place
where the sun always shines

Walk with me, angel
let me unwind all your fears

Come away with me, angel
I’ll take you to the land
where there is always summertime

Where you can listen to the breezy song
that the earth sings to you

Through the rain that drops
on the cheerful green grass

Through the wind that blows
to wipe away your tears

Smile for me, angel
What is an angel without a smile?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

You Are

Hear my song
The song of missing you
Hear the melody
The melody of you
Hear my words of every part of you
That I want to be by your side

Sing for me
A song of the heart
Sing the melody
The melody of dreams
Sing through the night
The nights of loneliness
Stay with me until the morning comes

You are the melody of my life
You are every song that I write
You are every beat of my heart
You are, you are..

This poem has been composed as a song

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


You said;
True love never did run smooth
True love never did have to be together

Like a happy feast that must end
And left us with only fond memories

Like the bliss of summer
That must end when the chill of autumn comes

Like the beauty of sunset
That must end when the sun goes under the horizon

I wish you happiness
Although your happiness doesn’t belong to me

for a good friend..

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Text from God

Hi God,
I rang you yesterday
But your cell phone was off
So I left you a message
Just wanted to say
that I’ve been missing you

I’m sorry God,
I’m a bit lazy to come
to your house lately

Nothing personal
I just sometimes couldn’t cope
With the way your servants behave
Well, they are snobbish, aren’t they?
Yeah, I think you would agree with me

Well, I also wanted to say
Happy birthday!

Are you busy now, God?
Busy travelling the world
To attend your birthday celebration?

I hope you are doing well
Don’t be too tired with partying
Because sometimes when partying
I got a bit drunk and forget about anything else

But I’m sure you’re not like me
I know you like red wine
Because you always invite me to drink one
And I see that you weren’t drunk when we drank it together

That’s all what I wanted to say, God
I wanna have a rest now
See you tomorrow!

(After I wrote this letter, I got a text in my cell phone. It says:
Hi Martin! I’ve been missing you too! How is it going buddy? Believe me, I didn’t attend any of the parties! I’d love to attend though, but I just have no time for it. Yes, you’re right. I’ve been very busy these days travelling around the world to serve my people in hunger and sufferings. Well, I can’t really rely on my servants anymore. They are just too busy with sermons, and I don’t really like formality. Thanks for your message. Merry Christmas!”)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Tutuplah pintu
Malam segera merenggut jiwa
Matikan lampu
Biarkan rembulan membara

Hentikan segala suara
Agar kelam bebas bersenandung
Menyanyikan melodi hampa
Buat dunia mimpi puas
Dengan tangisan dan rintihan

Karena aku hanya inginkan
Lagu cinta tercipta pada mentari pagi
Hingga napas ini berhembus lega
Lega karena hanya dalam realita
Keindahan sejati bisa dirasakan hati

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Poem to a Beautiful Evening

Above the water
in the lake
I can see your smile

In the winter wind that blows
I can hear your laughs

Autumn has gone, my love
Winter has come
May your love will never be frozen
Hope it is always summertime for you and me

(Picture taken at the UEA's lake, 14th Nov 2005 with Nokia 9500)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Tunes of jazz
Playing all the tunes
Singing the sweetness of night
With the beats of the dancing soul
And lyrics that spake the rhythm of dreams
I am drowning in the depths of mystic love
Poetic in the language no one sees
Swaying the grasses uneasy
Restless with the warmth
Of the grieving morning

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

To Her (Red Rose)

To her,
a red rose is for
A kiss to a heart that has melted me
Just when the sun warmly shines
fading away the cold nights

To her,
a red rose is for
where the beauty comes endlessly
the address of every single heart beat
in unforgotten memories of your smile

Let me think of you,
Think of you fondly
Put away the loneliness

Let me hold you,
Hold you eternally
take away my weary mind

of waiting until the dawn comes

(this poem has been composed as a song)

Monday, October 03, 2005


Kutitipkan padamu setangkai hati
Sirami setiap hari, jangan kau siakan
Ingatlah setiap pagi tak 'kan pernah mati
Walau musim berganti, jangan kau lupakan

Kutitipkan untukmu segenggam harapan
untuk kita tuai, tak lama lagi
Ingatlah selalu tak 'kan pernah padam
Ia tetap menyala, walau ku tak disini

Rayakanlah cinta kita setiap hari
Dengan bunga-bunga yang mewangi
Dendangkanlah syair, buanglah sepi
Senyumlah kurniaku, kau tak sendiri

Rayakanlah semua mimpi-mimpi
Tunggulah aku, sari hidupku
Empat musim lagi ku akan kembali
Untuk bersama mu, mempelai hatiku

Martin Manurung
Diatas pesawat Batavia Air, 19/8/05

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Wandering inside my dream
Shapes of unfamiliar souls come across
Carrying with them a tune of questions
Filled with colours yet to be acquainted

Clothed themselves in shrouds of revelation
Revealing only what the sun's rays reflect
Blinding the mind I so carefully nurture
In the reveries of time's perilous journey

They danced the dance of an abstract
Together with the brush's insensible lines
Or strokes of feet tip-toeing on the canvas floor
Tearing it down to pieces of laughter

Be it smiles or frowns printed on faces
Simply I cannot distinct from each other
All I could hear are silent whispers
Of lyrics singing my life's songs

It is yesterday knocking on my heart
Along with today and the future
Befriended by the one and only true companion
The walk of my life I named Fantasy

Friday, August 12, 2005


Some say
You'd know when love sets in
It is like a lightning strike
In a sunny afternoon
With clouds shying away in the distance

Others would say
Love grows with you
Just like the eyes ages on
Gaining the glaring stare
As wisdom and bitterness bundle

A few have said
Love is from God
Without Him
All are just emotions
On board a "Magic Mountain" roller coaster ride

I sayLove is all of them
God and emotions, wisdom and bitterness
A lightning strike, the sun and the clouds
Love is life, the life we have
The life, I so freely give
Altogether with love

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In My Ears

A whisper
That's all I heard
It was between my dreams
And the waking moment of morning

Again, a whisper
Softly nudging at my ear
Move aside it said
Move aside and give me space

Once more, another whisper
Loud and shocking, discomforting my eardrums
Compelling my eyes to open wide
Still red from their dream-full night

Slowly I pieced together the shape
Of where the whispers came
An abstract losing its dimensions
And complexity of colours

There it was
Simply stunning
And inviting
The shape of sweetness
The shape of Reason

Friday, April 08, 2005

One Chance

Cautious in each step
Ever watchful eyes
For covered holes
And traps set by reality

But still . . .

Oblivious of others in motion
Holes and traps placed by emotion

One chance entrusted
One chance wasted

But still . . .

After the fall and the visions
Of inevitable solitude, hope lingers
For the one chance
To pass and enter again

The one chance from the same
Heart . . .


Hari sudah malam
Belum mata dikatupkan waktu
Alam sadar masih sangat nyata
Kekhawatiran merajalela

Tanya sang sukma
Jawaban yang tak diberikan
Oleh kejamnya mulut tak mengungkap

Seperti air dan api
Bersama membakar tubuh
Tubuh pembawa hati
Hati yang ceroboh dan penuh cinta

Kecerobohan ini
Buat semua indah bersinar
Bagaikan matahari di malam hari

Bila tiba langit menjadi pijakan
Tak lagi ada terkaan sia sia
Hanya cinta cerobohYang buat diri menetap

Sunday, February 06, 2005


I am away
From someone
Someone I just met
A stranger still

I am here
Away from her
Her I have gotten to know
For brief moments still

I am
All smiles
For she is there
Near to my thoughts
And hoping still
She will be nearer

Yes, brief moments
They do come,
As often as
The sun rises