Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Forgive me
Long forgotten
Have I to close the curtain
Now the dust of light
Enters the room it was
Where the scent stayed
And petals feasted upon the colors
Now, I am nowhere near

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Close Your Eyes

There was the color of tree leafs

Strutting about its pompous green

Dancing closer and closer

Only to pull away mocking

Then came another, the color of fire

In a hurry, the red sat and stared

Into my eyes, it soothingly burnt

But again, pulled away mocking

Suddenly, a color of least expected

Approaching from the end of the tunnel

Growing and growing as it neared itself

Devouring all wishes for a plain view

Everything became blinding white

Only it too, in the end, pulled away mocking

A stranger no more, color of shadows came

Gave their embrace, until all was black

So black, I realized that my eyes

Have always been closed throughout

The dark is no stranger here, of course