Sunday, September 04, 2005


Wandering inside my dream
Shapes of unfamiliar souls come across
Carrying with them a tune of questions
Filled with colours yet to be acquainted

Clothed themselves in shrouds of revelation
Revealing only what the sun's rays reflect
Blinding the mind I so carefully nurture
In the reveries of time's perilous journey

They danced the dance of an abstract
Together with the brush's insensible lines
Or strokes of feet tip-toeing on the canvas floor
Tearing it down to pieces of laughter

Be it smiles or frowns printed on faces
Simply I cannot distinct from each other
All I could hear are silent whispers
Of lyrics singing my life's songs

It is yesterday knocking on my heart
Along with today and the future
Befriended by the one and only true companion
The walk of my life I named Fantasy