Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Come together
Never hold back
See the flowers sway
To the breeze of words

Hold the sweet caress
Of the sun’s warm smile
That gently draws you nearer
To the sincere sky-like blue

Let the stillness be
A premonition of descent
Bridging your songs onto
The longing earth that is I

Hear my request
Let her whispers in
Drench them to my senses
Only you now may take the journey
Across dividing seas
And lands separated by time

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Never before
A song playing
Melodiously presenting
The cries of its lyrics
Supposedly a helping hand
In discarding this shroud
Of thoughts lost in love

Never before
I walked away from it
Turning my back towards
The words that would bathe me
In blissful melancholy
And promises of
Moments that shine
Like the coming days

I am gone
I am away
Far from wishes
Of selfish senses

-batam at dawn, seventh of may, year 2006, in the solitude of my room-