Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fishermen's Alley

Inexplicably lost
But not willing to be found
Even if sanity is the cost
Until six feet under shall I be aground

A stone's throw is freedom
Enticing the soul to approach
Upon flesh this battle will be decided
Thus, failure's only option is to encroach

To the finish, to the finish!
The heart fervently chants
Although, the eyes do sometimes wonder
Of the nose's endurance against the stench of rotten fish

Friday, December 11, 2009


the weeping sky no longer blue
my world's in need of simple bliss
: a lover's touch, or tender kiss
to spark a light for brighter hue

i long to rest my weary head
too heavy with the muddy doubt
this inner flame is burning out
dying slowly with the tears i've shed

farewell to all who loved me well
i'm going home —
i'm going home,
i'm slipping back into my shell.

30 july 2008 ; 21.44

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


rumah itu mungil, tepat di tikungan
bisikku padamu, itulah tempat kita berdiam
: sejenak menikmati malam
bisikmu padaku, akan kita isi ruangruangnya
: dengan jutaan harapan

rumah itu masih ada, tepat di tikungan
— hingga sekarang.

28 februari 2008 ; 19.24


could love be measured
in the kilobytes of pleasure?

be weary when you're smothered
by a sudden wild-cyber-rapture.

3 february 2008 ; 22.48

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Senandung Sunyi Sang Lelaki

Lelaki tersenyum bisu
Dengan dendam memacu rindu
Wajahnya membiru
Karena angan melambung sendu

Katanya, “Entah mengapa ku menapaki lagi,
jejak-jejak yang kau tinggal pergi?”

Ia pun merintih pilu
Menatap mentari sambil termangu
Diiringi senandung yang membisu